Many, many, many of you Blue Sky Riders fans have been asking, “What are you doing?”

(Honestly, now that I think of it, it was really just this ONE guy who saw me behind a dumpster last night and hollered, “What are you DOING!!!??” )

Be that as it may…Georgia, Kenny and I would like to let you know what is going on in the crazy world of BSR. We have been silent too long. Far too long.

Everything is good. Thanks for asking.

You need more than that? Wow. Okay.

The new record was done. Carved in pumice. Many of you have the pre-release copy of “Why Not” and, dare I say, you agree with me when I dare to say it’s FABulous.

So fabulous in fact, that we are currently in discussions with a major record label to have them release it. That’s where we’ve been. You assumed we were off idling on a beach somewhere. Or in debtors prison. No, my friends. We were not. No indeed.

We have been in large, comfortably appointed offices talking to large, comfortably appointed men about letting the whole world into our previously semi-private club. We can’t predict what will happen. Just having the meetings is exciting enough! We can’t say who the meetings are with. That might jinx it. Essentially I am not telling you very much at all… but we are, quite possibly, on the verge of an exciting new chapter in BSR history!!

No, we haven’t been on the road for a while. This is because Kenny wanted to take some well-deserved time off. That was fine with me. You can’t have the kind of crippling gambling habit I have without bookies in half the continental United States just waiting to get their hands on you. Better to stay here, safe in Tennessee, where casinos are illegal and the Lotto game makes for a sure fire boffo Friday night.

If this deal comes to fruition (that means “produces peaches”) we will be “out there” supporting it in myriad ways (many ways)… interviews… the works. We want you to know that when we have more details we will spread them around like seeds from a dandelion.

Till then…. my dumpster awaits.