Our band has so many things in common with the birth of our great nation. Fourth of July celebrations always remind me that we parallel each other so closely. I’m sure YOU have all noticed the similarities:

1. One of the Founding Father’s last name was Burr. MY last name is Burr. He killed a man. MY last name is Burr.

2. Like Thomas Jefferson, Kenny toiled in the background, planning, scheming, putting pen to paper to craft a legal document that bound separate, but equal entities into one enduring group. One of these days we need to get around to signing that document.

3. Georgia is our Elbridge Gerry. Not only is her mother’s name Gerry…. but she, like Elbridge, unsuccessfully ran for Governor of Massachusetts and was the source of the word “gerrymandering.”

4. Our band, like our country, is a democracy. One singer, one vote. Think how different our country’s history would have been if you had to prove you could sing before you were allowed to cast a vote in an election. Donald Trump would win in a landslide because Dionne Warwick and John Rich would harness the singer voting block.

5. Kenny signs his name three times as large as Georgia and I do when we are at the merchandise table after shows. At first I thought it was an ego thing. Now I realized it is for future generations to decide.

6. Georgia owns a musket.

7. Several of our Founding Fathers owned slaves. None of OUR fathers owned slaves…. But my father forced me to work for him in his business every afternoon after school when I was a teenager. That is very similar but probably not similar enough to count.

I could go on and on. It’s frightening. It’s like the similarities between the Lincoln assassination and the Kennedy one. The deeper you dig the more you find, until the serendipity blows your mind. (I have been writing blogs for a few years now and have never had to type the word “serendipity” before. That sort of milestone should be celebrated. Yay.)

So have a wonderful holiday this weekend. Enjoy the Fourth and celebrate this great country the way our forefather’s intended us to. Remember the brave men who dared to create the United States at great risk to themselves.

Again… very similar to our situation. If this band does not work, Kenny, Georgia and I fully expect to be hung.