Long ago there was a tree. And under that tree were three singers. With a mandolin (a lucky break on their parts)…

and nothing better to do.

Even longer ago there was a song. The three singers all loved this song because it was written in such a way that it sounded best when played on a mandolin and sung by three singers under a tree.

These three singers were killing time. They were waiting for men in suits and ties to go into their offices and decide what to do with these tree-singers. Until decisions were made there was nothing for them to do but put their heads together and make noises come out of their mouths.

The song is Nowhere Man. The singers are Kenny, Georgia and Durwood. The tree is Arthur. The wind comes courtesy of Mother Nature (as does the tree, come to think of it).

Please enjoy and think back to the days when we were pulling into your home towns to find trees near YOU to sing under. Those were the days, my friends. We thought they’d never end. Da da da dee… something something something and a day. That’s a song, right? Next time we’ll learn THAT one.

written by Lennon-McCartney