I want to send everyone out there in BSR-land a Holiday Hello, and tell you all how thankful we are that we got to know you all  and play for you over the last few years.

I have been remiss in my blogging duties so as a Thanksgiving surprise…

I can honestly say I have never played next to a Skeeball machine… up till now. Georgia and I just flew out to Pasadena, CA, to meet Kenny and play a private show. This person bought our show a couple of years ago but held off on the performance until he had built a room full of pool tables, pinball machines and…skeeball!

Many years ago… (“many” as in when dinosaurs walked the Earth), I played in some strange places. Hockey rinks… poolside verandas…. friends’ basements next to rumbling furnaces. You learn to handle whatever sonics they throw at you. On THIS night when we walked in, we gulped just a little. Truth be told, that gulping was actually us swallowing the free hamburgers they handed you on the way into the “clubhouse.”  Off to a terrific start.

Were we worried that a big screen TV had the football game playing? Were we sweating about the pinball machines clanging and banging? Hell yeah. When they set us up in the video driving range area, our nerves were calmed considerably. Nothing says “quality entertainment” like playing with the image of the 17th hole at Pebble Beach behind you.

I joke. I kid. The people who bought the show were terrific. All games were turned off, including the football game. THAT I was sorry about. I had a grand on Green Bay. But I digress. The audience pulled up chairs and sat quietly while we performed what we laughingly refer to as our “show.” They went properly crazy when we finished. We get that a lot. We’re used to it. We rocked the joint and THEN I personally rocked the skeeball machine. I have quite a bit of misspent youth under my belt on THAT little contraption. This one was set up so no tickets came out. I was not able to buy the little erasers shaped like snakes… but we DID get free hamburgers.

I am sorry we have not been to your towns to play in a long while. Please be assured that we all still love and appreciate you. We are plotting out our next phase in this grand adventure. (Damn, that sentence reminded me of the grand I lost on the Packers)

Enjoy your holidays!!! Kenny, Georgia and I are all in the bosoms of our collective families (that sounds kind of sexy…) getting ready to add inches to our waistlines and take years off our lives. A fair trade indeed.

Look around the table and remember everything you are thankful for. We are thankful for YOU. Excuse me. I have to leave the room and wash off all this sincerity.