We love to keep all of you up to date on what we are doing. The upside to writing newsletters is keeping you all engaged in our music and, frankly, it’s a small price to pay to pay you all back for your dedication and interest.

There is a downside, however.
Every time we write a newsletter for Blue Sky Riders we get a lot of questions.

“How come you aren’t on tour?”
“Are you done?”
“Is your second record out?”
“Is Gary all right? He looks pale.”

Most of those questions we have been answering repeatedly the only way we know how. (I’m FINE) We ARE talking to a label that has expressed an interest in us. These talks are VERY slooooooow. When the amounts bandied about are up in the high three figures…well, those take a little time, my friends.

Perhaps I can give you all a little backstory to put our activity and/or lack of activity in perspective.

When Kenny, Georgia and I sat down and talked about this band…. we knew we weren’t going to be a “band” in the traditional sense. We weren’t dropping everything to put all our eggs in this delightful basket. We weren’t going to climb into a rehabbed school bus and set off down the highway like The Partridge Family. Kenny is an attractive man, but he’s no Shirley Partridge.

We thought this band might be sort of a special side project. We’d play the occasional festival. Do a TV show or two. (Appear on an episode of Big Bang Theory as a wacky band at a beach club somewhere).

Just maybe there would be enough interest to do a small tour but that would be hard when you factor in all of our different projects and schedules.

The reaction to our first cd was so wonderful that we actually got to do ALL of those things. Several small tours, in fact. But that doesn’t change the fact that Blue Sky Riders is the side dish to the meat and potatoes entrees that are our own personal careers.

We are truly doing the best we can to find ways to pay you all back for the support you have given us. We are trying to find new music to let you hear. Hoping all the stars will line up once again and let us all get in that station wagon and yell “Westward Ho!” as we pull away from the curb. (It is very critical that any tour we do originates on the West Coast because “Eastward Ho” kind of sucks as a stirring thing to yell.) We are open for any and all opportunities to stand on stage together and sing those three part harmonies. As singers and artists… believe me, no one gets a bigger thrill out of hearing that combination of voices than WE do, so there would not be a lot of arm twisting necessary to get all three of us in front of microphones.

So there you have it. This isn’t an actual newsletter. It is more like a Rosetta Stone to help you understand our newsletters a little better. Here’s hoping we come to a town near you in the future. It is entirely possible. None of us are going anywhere. You and us… we’re all happy and healthy and all wanting the same thing. Some good music to play in the bedroom late at night when our spouses are out of town and we can practice our slow dancing in front of the mirror with the steamer attachment.

Wait…doesn’t everyone do that?
Yeah. Me neither.