We are slowly inching our way thru Spring and into Summer. You know what THAT means. Digging out the swimsuits. Desperately trying to lose those last stubborn fifty pounds. Watching the community pool so you know which lifeguards are the lazy ones who don’t really check to see if you are OFFICIALLY a member of the Homeowners Association.

Ahhh… Summer.

And what will the members of BSR be doing in the midst of all this seasonal reverie?

Well, first things first. If you saw Kenny’s fabulous concert on AXS TV a few weeks ago, you got to hear Georgia sing “Whenever I Call You Friend” with the Big K.

AND you got to see Gary walk across the stage, exhibiting his motor skills to the delight of millions … and then disappear.

He did NOT in fact, disappear. There will be a longer, two hour version of Kenny’s concert broadcast on PBS sometime in the near future and it will include several songs performed by BSR. We are not allowed to tell you which ones, but one might be something like “Shmeeling Shmave” and another called something like “Shmittle Shmictories.”

Meanwhile …
Kenny is crossing the country with a guitar over his shoulder making sure that each and every person in this old U.S. of A. has had the opportunity to sing along with “Danny’s Song.” (I think even DANNY is pretty sick of it by now. If there even IS a real Danny. We only have Kenny’s word on it). Keep up with Kenny news, rumors and tour itineraries at kennyloggins.com
Speaking of which … if you haven’t caught up with the new season of the hit Netflix series, Grace and Frankie, you may want to plan a weekend binge. Just sayin’ … “Nobody doesn’t need Kenny Loggins!”
Old-school audiophiles may want to rush over to Friday Music (or Amazon) to pre-order a brand new, translucent, gold vinyl release of Loggins & Messina – On Stage. Go. Do it now. We’ll wait here.
Georgia is getting ready to release her new CD, PLUM. (She called it that because she is “on the level.”)  It is fabulous. A whole new side of her, musically speaking. You’re gonna love it. Gary appears on one track in an innocent bystander sort of way.

The official release date will be August 29, 2017, but she is an impatient little thing and will be selling advance physical copies off her website: georgiamiddleman.com/news/
Gary just finished his latest Songwriting Masterclass in Nashville. A roomful of songwriters sat and listened to him go on and on about… hell, I don’t know. I tuned out after the third hour. He had guest speakers come in and contradict him and… he had snacks. Oh man, what a time. For more information on upcoming classes go to: www.garyburr.com
 We have no idea when the next class will be yet. We just finished THIS one. Jeez.

Gary’s Online Masterclass is close to wrapping up. The students are rocketing to the finish line, their heads near to bursting with new tips and tricks. This class will be offered again very soon. For more information plus a couple of free songwriting tips… go to www.writesongsgood.com. He is about to expand the online class and offer many different courses and videos to turn YOU, Mr. Average Joe Songwriter… into Mr. Average Joe Songwriter with slightly less money in the bank. That’s the only promise he is legally allowed to make.
Gary and Georgia (as Middleman Burr) will be playing a show on July 19th at the Iridium in NYC. For tickets to that show, click here. They will be performing their entire duo CD, I Like The Sound Of That, with a live band from top to bottom. (if you’re never heard the bottom of that CD…oh my God you are in for a thrill.)
Middleman Burr are halfway through recording a new duo CD as well!!

Oh. You didn’t know? Read all about it at middlemanburr.com.  You have to catch up before the next one is done. I can’t tell you much about the new one they are working on but it has some fabulous guest artists helping them out.
Gary and Georgia will also be hosting their next songwriter in the round show Nashville To New York show on June 14th at the Cutting Room in NYC. This show will feature guest writers J.T. Harding and Roger Cook.  Click here to buy tickets and learn more about these tremendous talents.
Blue Sky Riders, you ask? Any news flashes? Updates? Bulletins? Dispatches? Communiques?
Well, they are playing a private show, just the three of them and their acoustic guitars, in June in Colorado. They are looking forward to attempting to play all those songs again. Wish them luck.

Is BSR headed to a town near you? Ha ha. Oh, you’re serious?
Nothing yet. Fingers crossed.
Kenny, Georgia and Gary love this band and want nothing more than to make more music and keep this thin, gruel-like gravy train rolling. Hit their website every once in a while at blueskyridersband.com and check in so you can know as soon as they know.  In the meantime, put “Shminally Shmome” on your CD player and groove, baby… groove.
Speaking of groovy, do you have BSR’s second studio album, Why Not yet? Why not? (See? It’s a title AND a question!)
You can only get it here (and only while they last) at www.blueskyridersband.com
Plus! For a limited time you can watch the making of Why Not via BSR’s All Access Pass. Use the code: whynot for a pretty sweet discount!

See you soon!
Kenny, Georgia & Gary