We haven’t played a show in a while. Here we are, all gathered in Colorado Springs (the one in Colorado) to play a corporate show at the beautiful Broadmoor Resort.

Do we still know the songs? Can our harmonies still bring the angels down from the heavens to sit around us an jealously mutter “Oh yeah, they sound great… but can they fly?” Hell yes.

Kenny looks great. Tanned. Well rested. A slightly longer beard than I remember. Maybe his head got smaller. That happens in the Southern California heat, I’ve read.

Georgia looks great. She doesn’t look a whole lot different than the last time I saw her… which was in the hallway right before we entered Kenny’s room.

Me? All I’m going to say is that the years have been kind to me, my friends. I am blessed with good genes. My Father’s side of the family all lived well into their fifties and then fell over. Uh oh. I just did the math.

Do we remember the songs? Does a lemur lactate six months before giving birth? We breezed thru the entire set in a mere four and a half hours. Not counting stopping to eat dinner and hydrate. Always got to hydrate up here in the mountains.

We have been informed (by reading the contract like the professionals we once were) that our show is for a dignified, older audience. So there will be no working blue. That means I will not be speaking. That cuts our show down to slightly less than 11 minutes. It’s like a Beatles concert in 1966!!!! That’s okay. I have nothing new to say. That’s safest. I couldn’t even get thru this blog without typing “hell.” That blows. Damn.

If anything interesting happens tonight I will drop you a line and tell you all about it. I should be able to remember everything that happens during an 11 minute show. I’m old but I’m not that old. My memory is still sharp as a… as a… what’s that thing that’s sharp and holds down carpeting?

Wish us luck.