Who’s got a great big pile of exciting news? I do!!!!!
 We want YOU to be the first to know.
First, you have to do something for me. Go to your closet. Get a hat. Any kind of hat will do. Baseball cap. Straw boater. Panama. Derby. Doesn’t matter. Get the hat. I’ll wait.
Got the hat? Okay. Take what I am about to tell you and place it firmly under that hat and keep it there.
BSR is playing NYC!!! (wow, that’s a lot of acronyms). Kenny, Georgia, and Gary are playing a surprise show at The Cutting Room, 44 E 32th St New York City on September 5th!!!!
How did this happen? You don’t need to know. Why is this happening? Just trust that it’s for good reasons and the universe is firmly on board. Who is this happening to? That would be us. (Re-read the third paragraph.)
We wanted YOU, the loyal and ever patient Blue Sky Rider fan, to know as soon as we did.
“How do I get tickets?” you ask.

BSR fans will have exclusive access to tickets until 2:00pm EDT tomorrow (Tuesday, 8/22) when they will go on sale to the public. CLICK HERE!!
Come to think of it…there is absolutely no reason for you to keep this news under your hat. Spread the word amongst the BSArmy (that never DID really catch on….) and we will see you at The Cutting Room on September 5th.
I’ll be the one wearing a hat.

PS.  The very next night, September 6, Georgia and Gary are hosting their fabulous songwriter show Nashville to New York: An Intimate Evening with Hit Songwriters at The Cutting Room with special guests Jeffrey Steele and Tony Haselden.

As long as you are in New York anyway… you may just want to stick around for a very special show…

For tickets, click here!