We’re a thousand miles away from Kenny. Plotting. Always plotting.

This is the down period when we are getting everything ready for the big tour. Well, for us it’s the little tour attached to the big tour.

Starting later in June we will climb on some sort of Magical Mystery bus and head out to the villages and burgs of this great country of ours and unleash the fury of Blue Sky Riders!! In a few years we will come back and see how many children will have been named after us!!!

In the meantime…besides contacting the newspaper so they don’t pile up in the driveway… (special note to robbers…once again we will have the biker gang housesitting and maintaining the lucrative porn operation we run out of the basement. So no funny business!) we are discussing:

  • Do we pack enough clothes to make it through the tour or wear disposable clothes and throw them away at the end of every night? (Problem… leaves a trail so we can be easily followed)
  • Bring the exercise equipment or just surrender to the Cheetos and HoHos and stock up on those little buttons you can buy at CVS to expand your pants waist.
  • Bring the dog or release him back into the wild to grow feral and in a few years we meet him again and he remembers us like in that youtube video about the guys and the lion. People liked that.
  • Practice or just “wing it”

Emails are flying between us about our songs and studios and who plays what and when we start the record. (I know it is old fashioned to refer to it as a “record” but I can’t get used to calling it “Metal Superdisc of Shiny Dreams”). We can’t wait to get this started… playing out to firm everything up (except whatever sags from the HoHos and the Cheetos) and work it all out and hit the studio in August!!!!

We are begging you to stay excited. Stay invested in this grand adventure while we figure out how to make it all work and bring our music to you.

An old friend of mine once said to me: “A band is like a family except you are allowed to sleep with them in all fifty states”

My friend was a moron.