Okay. So, we’re on the road with Kenny for the first time. Let me try to explain what this is like:

Old days:
Drive 300 miles to hotel, check in then run over to the venue for a soundcheck. Park my car as close as I can to the front and grab my guitar, gig bag, stand and box of CDs for sale. Juggle everything in my hands so I can make as few trips as possible. Go into the club and set up everything. Make sure my guitar is in tune at soundcheck. Write out a set list and remember to put it on the stage. Grab a water to put near the microphone stand. Go back to hotel to iron my show clothes and get ready. Head back to venue and tune up again right before the show starts. Walk out on stage, plug in and start the show. Do the show. When the show is over, run to the CD table to meet fans, sell and sign CDs. After everyone’s gone, go back to the stage, unplug my guitar, gather my tuner, picks, kapo and guitar stand, pack up and go back to hotel. It’s a one-woman operation.

These days:
Step off a tour bus with just the clothes I’m gonna wear that night. Where is my guitar? Already on stage, tuned and ready to go. Tuner is taped down with duct tape so it won’t move under my feet. I panic when I realize I don’t have a pick on me and that’s when I turn around to look at the amp where I left it the last time and not only is there one there, but there are 6 there and they all say BLUE SKY RIDERS on them. Personally monogrammed. Who did that?

It’s crazy but Kenny has this amazing team of people who keeps everything running so smoothly that all I have to do is show up and do my job which is to put on a great show. Wow. Where have these people been all my life???!!!