If I had a time machine right now I would go back in time (cause that’s what time machines do. If you buy one and use it for washing dishes then you are missing a wonderful opportunity!) to Becker Junior College for girls in Worcester Mass. They had a coffee house there and it was the first place I ever played out with my guitar. I was a “Folk Singer.” That is French for “Can’t talk to Women.”

My new best friend (you immediately make NEW best friends when you hit college. Your old best friends move down the list and become “See them when you get home” friends) heard me sing in my room and convinced me that if I couldn’t sleep with girls I could at least watch them as they casually agreed to sleep with other guys right in front of me while I played my guitar and sang.

I would time travel back there because… now that I am in a band with Kenny Loggins I get to hear him sing his songs every night and I realize I had NO fucking idea what he was singing back then. I sang tons of his songs and I apparently got all the words wrong and since everyone applauded when I was done with them… apparently they didn’t know the right ones either.

It is NOT “Seems as though a month ago I was dead and fried” It is “I was Delta Chi!!” (Is that how you spell the last word? Greeks NAILED democracy but their alphabet sucked)

I am actually going to use “Dead and Fried” in the next country song I write cause now I find it is available.

There are so many other examples that I get exhausted just thinking about typing them. Why did I get so much wrong? Maybe it was the hash. Maybe I just couldn’t be bothered to read the lyrics on the sleeves. You know what? I bet he never PUT the lyrics on the sleeves! Bastard.

Wait. Now he’s my new best friend.
Okay, It was the hash.