Press Clippings

Recent critical praise for Blue Sky Riders’ debut album, Finally Home


“Middleman, Burr and Loggins have a creative chemistry that makes
FINALLY HOME a breath of fresh air.” – Billboard

“The debut album from the Blue Sky Riders, “Finally Home,” is full
of strong lyrics and impeccable harmonies — all in all, music
that defies genre classification.”
– Billboard 615 Blog

New York Times
“… the three songwriters have found an unusually comfortable fit.”

USA Today
“Kenny [Loggins] continues to make beautiful music, now teaming up
with iconic Nashville singer-songwriters Georgia Middleman
and Gary Burr to form the band Blue Sky Riders.”

Huffington Post

“Finally Home is a celebration, imbued with the unbridled passion of one more
go around, one more spin on the dance floor, one more chance at true love. It is
overwhelmingly jubilant, at times youthfully defiant, but always a delicious blend
of stunning harmonies — familiar enough to warm your heart,
yet new enough to be exciting and fresh.”

No Depression

“… upbeat, positive and melodic, crossing genres
from country to pop rock to folk and back again.”

“There is no doubt … that Finally Home is album of the year worthy.”

“…I adore every track on this group’s 15-track, harmony soaked, pop-country,
melody blessed Finally Home CD. The harmonies and songs [Blue Sky Riders] create
together are spine tingling.
If you buy one album this season, make it this one.”
– Robert K. Oermann


“Nearly every shimmering cut on Finally Home sounds like a radio hit –
no surprise with a joint resume like theirs – and it’s a treat to hear a
revitalized Loggins soar with two other strong voices.”

Music News Nashville

“In Blue Sky Riders, members Gary Burr, Kenny Loggins and
Georgia Middleman draw from years of music experience to create a sum
greater than its parts. The result is a showcase of finely crafted songs
and exceptional vocal harmonies called Finally Home.


“[Finally Home] easily calls to mind the rich harmonies
of classic bands like Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles …”

Digital Rodeo

“Driven by three-part harmonies and sincere, soulful delivery, each of
these veterans sings lead as well, separating Blue Sky Riders from not
only anything they’ve respectively don, but anything else out there.”