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As a way to thank everyone for the awesome support on our Kickstarter campaign... and to help budding artists make their own dreams come true, we'd love to discover you and your songs too!

Two lucky bands or artists will be chosen to perform live as our opening act next year - at two CD Release Parties, in conjunction with the release of our new album in 2015!

To enter a demo of you performing your original song, click here. Be sure to give us your email address and contact number so we may call back the lucky winners!

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Nashville to New York

Summer Tour 2014: Last Show and …

Posted on September 7, 2014 by Gary in Blog, Gary Blogs

Yes, we had one last show. No, you didn’t read the schedule wrong. We ended our run in Aspen with a final show at the Belly Up. The Belly Up was the home of the famous Napkin Lady. You’ll have to look up my older blogs if you want to know who that is. She […]

Copper Mountain 8.30.14

Summer Tour 2014: Copper Mountain

Posted on August 31, 2014 by Gary in Blog, Gary Blogs

I saw tiny sparkles dancing before my eyes. I am singing on stage at Copper Mountain and seeing stars. It’s like I’m starring in the road company of  “Avatar…The Musical!” At ten thousand feet above sea level, I am lucky I am seeing anything but dirt. I have a little spray can of oxygen in […]

Gateway Canyons Resort

Summer Tour 2014: Gateway, CO

Posted on August 30, 2014 by Gary in Blog, Gary Blogs

“This has to be a typo,” we all said collectively, on the count of three. Our beloved Day Sheet, the bible of the road that tells us vital info such as, “Does our hotel have room service?” or “How far is it from the venue to my room and will someone carry me like a […]

Portraits of Bravery

In partnership with Operation Soldier at Ease, Portraits of Bravery aims to support our veterans and their families, as they readjust to domestic life in America. We invite you to show your support by sharing an image that best represents bravery to you — a Portrait of Bravery from your own life.


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